Thank you for your interest in sending me a mystery box package. 


You must enter the raffle linked below to enter for a chance to send me a box. Four people will be selected every few months.

I will accept boxes from all countries. You must be 18 years or older, or have adult approval to send the items.



The box is supposed to be a mystery art supply box, so it must contain art supplies I can use to create art. At the bare minimum, there needs to be one art supply that makes a mark (example: paints, markers, coloured pencils, etc.) and a surface to draw on (canvas, wood, mixed media paper, cardstock, etc.) That’s it! I’m making it a rule that I can ONLY use what is provided in the box, so feel free to get creative with it. You do not need to provide a pencil and eraser, unless you really want to. Used/second hand art supplies are allowed. If you are sending me, for example, watercolour paper, you can send me 2-4 sheets of the paper and keep the rest of the pad for yourself. The overall budget is up to you. 


Please make sure it is more of an art supply box rather than a crafting box. For example, don’t send supplies for knitting, needle felting, clay sculpting, or other 3D projects. There can be a slight crafty element to it, as long as the overall project has a focus on drawing or painting.  



Please do not send any kind of food or beverage in the box.



Please package everything in a box, not an envelope. The exterior of the box will be seen on camera, but I will censor your personal information. Feel free to use a slower, cheaper shipping speed to save yourself some money. I will be spacing these videos out anyway, so there’s no rush. That being said, please have your box in the mail within one month of being selected, if you are selected. Once your box has been opened by me, I’ll be sending you a return package as a thank you. It will contain various goodies such as stickers, buttons, etc. and many of these items will be exclusive to those of you sending these mystery boxes. I will not send out the thank you package until I have opened yours on camera, which could be a few months after receiving your package. This way I can verify I didn’t get a gag/troll package, and I’ll be able to send you the original art I create using your supplies. I’ll be opening the boxes in the order I receive them.



Do you have an online store, YouTube channel, Instagram account, etc.? Feel free to include promotional materials, such as a business card or sample item, and I will show it on camera. If you include a message or letter, I will be reading it on camera, so keep that in mind! Just make sure any personal information you want kept private is not included inside the box, such as your address, phone number, or private email. 



If selected, you will have one week to let me know if you are participating or not. If yes, please have your package in the mail, on its way, within one month.


Please do not email me with further questions about the mystery box process unless you are a chosen winner. You don't have to stress about any of the details unless you are actually chosen, and I do not have the time to respond to everyone. You can always back out if you are chosen.



Entries are currently CLOSED.